Funky Gold Mosaic

Written by  Monday, 07 December 2015 21:23

Prairie Funky Gold Mosaic, Prairie Artisan Ales, Krebs OK

Style: American Wild Ale

ABV: 6.50%

Funky Gold Mosaic 2Another sour you say? Well yes. But it’s not sour season you say? Ok, I’ll agree it’s not, but this review has been sitting in my back pocket for a bit and the beer is just too good to not talk about it. It’s another American Wild Ale from Prairie Artisan Ales. It is somewhat reminiscent of Prairie Somewhere but it has it’s own personality and if you have the chance to drink them side by side I would recommend it.

Let me just digress a bit to talk about Prairie Artisan Ales. They are easily one of my top 3 breweries for a number of reasons. First off, they brew some of my favorite styles, including stouts and sours. And second of all, they just go to town on their brewing. They have numerous variations on most of their stouts and constantly are churning out new stuff. You really can’t get bored with them. If you do, wait a few months and they’ll put out something new. The DocHopHead crew will be taking a road trip to their brewery in 2016 so look for the review in the near future.

Funky Gold Mosaic 3So back to Funky Gold Mosaic. Per the Prairie web site, they took their Prairie Gold (also an American Wild Ale) and “dry-hopped it with a huge amount of Mosaic hops”. Now I’m a fan of Prairie Gold and the thought of infusing more hops into the mix sounds like it could be hit or miss. However, Funky Gold Mosaic only ended up with an IBU rating of 18 (ie: not particularly bitter) and is wildly and wonderfully complex and tasty!

It pours a murky golden yellow with a hint of orange. It has a foamy vacuous fleeting head. In fact the pour can be excessively foamy and sometimes you’ll get a foam over as soon as you pop the cap. So do it near a sink. The aroma is an interesting mixture of hay and oranges. The taste is a conglomeration of subtlety. Yes, I know, mock me but it’s true. There are mild hops blended with hints of tangerines. The start is mildly fizzy with a orange-flavored middle and a dry hop finish. Come on, how awesome does that sound? Like most American Wild Ales, the body is light and effervescent. And the brew overall is well worth drinking… over and over.

Funky Gold Mosaic 1

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