About Us

About Us

Kerim Razack

  DocHopHead Founder, Webmaster, Editor and Writer I started my journey into craft beer in college when I first tasted Shiner Bock. I never really had a taste for beer until then. I had come home from class on the UT campus shuttle in the blazing Austin sun. I walked the two blocks to my apartment and when I walked…

Edward Brown

  DocHopHead Contributing Writer  My journey into the craft beer world is similar to most folks, full of bumps, false starts, and plenty of wrong turns into cheap, ubiquitous macro brews. Fortunately, most of my college friends were the artsy, eclectic types (I have a liberal arts degree in music) and part of their non-conformist attitudes meant parties were filled…

Julio Cedillo

  DocHopHead Photographer Bio Coming Soon